Summer IS Family & Friends

Summer brings a change of weather and for many a change of scenery.  If your travel this summer involves relatives or friends, hypnotherapy can help in at least two ways with some of the stress that can trigger.


Affirmations can give you a more positive attitude so that when events occur that would normally cause stress and anxiety, you can focus on your affirmations.  For example, if once again Uncle Bob is late, very late, or even rude, focus on your affirmations, “I am grateful that I am able to enjoy travel.”  “I am happy to be in a new environment.” “I am grateful that I can afford to travel.”

An anchor, which anchors in the relaxed feeling you feel in hypnosis to a specific pair of words, can also be used for relaxation and stress relief.  Your hypnotherapist can help you with this or you can install the anchor by completely relaxing and then focus on your special place as you breathe in and say the name of the place or time to yourself and breathe out as you say the positive feeling to yourself that you feel when you are in that place or time.  To recreate that feeling of relaxation when you are in a stressful situation (not driving) close your eyes and breathe in and out, saying the keys words to yourself.

If you would like help with the stress that the behavior of family and friends can cause, please call me to see how I can help.