Hypnotherapy & Weight Management 

Is your body ready for summer? Did you try on your shorts from last year and found they were a little tight? If so, hypnotherapy can help with weight management.  

Hypnosis can help to change the subconscious image you have of your body.  Do you have a realistic picture of how your body looks or is it out of sync with reality? Using affirmations, we can work together to focus on a weight goal and what it will take to get you to that number or size. Maybe you want to focus on eating healthy and exercising more. This can also be included in your affirmations.


Some questions that we may discuss in our sessions could include: What has the fluctuation of your weight been over the course of your life?  When were you heavy, when were you thin?  Why are you needing to manage your weight? Did you have a trauma that is encouraging you to hold on to excess weight? How was food used in your family growing up? Was it a reward or a way of your parents showing love? What would your life be like if you were able to manage your weight?

There are lots of questions that we can explore together to come up with a plan that would work for you to manage your weight. I will use different techniques from my toolbox, NLP, Therapeutic Imagery or EFT, to help you change your view of food and/or your body. I have had a lot of success with clients losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.