Thank you!!!

We all have lots to be thankful for.  

We live in a first world country where most of our needs are easily taken care of. We are encouraged to be grateful daily, not just at this time of year.

However, on an almost daily basis we are bombarded with tragedy:  we watched as a local, fun gathering spot, the Borderline, was the scene of the senseless killing of 12 innocent people.  Many of us were displaced for several days while fire burned from Woolsey Canyon to the ocean in Malibu. The Camp Fire burned over a thousand homes and several hundred people are still missing.

How can we be grateful in the face of all these terrible events?  Should we be grateful in spite of all these events? Yes, we should.  Being grateful can enable us begin to move forward from grief and unhappiness.  Seeing the beauty in a sunrise or the joy in a child’s laugh can start the healing process.

Sometimes, though, we can get stuck in our grief and unhappiness.

Hypnotherapy can help to move us forward to a more positive, healing place. Our loss will not go away. The events that have caused our sadness did happen. Through hypnotherapy, we can learn how to save our memories and still move on to live our lives.  If you are stuck in a negative space, consider calling me for a session.