Ace Your Next Test

Have you ever noticed that the more tense and stressed you are, the harder it is to perform at your best?  

Hypnotherapy can help with all kinds of tests.  I have helped students with individual high school class exams, college admission tests (SAT and ACT), and college course exams.  I helped a fiduciary pass his certification exam and a doctor pass her boards.


A student at USC did so well on her oral Spanish final that her professor asked in surprise, “What did you do?  You are doing so much better at speaking in Spanish in public!” The only change she had made was seeing me. She also aced her oral psychology presentation.  Another client came to me for help in performing her piano solos for adjudication. Once again, she was able to do better than she had thought she would.

Anxiety can affect your performance on tests. Hypnosis is all about slowing down, focusing and calming that inner negative voice and replacing it with the “I can” voice.  In hypnosis, I have my clients imagine the test or performance event from the evening before to a successful conclusion. They then practice this in their mind as often as possible.  This makes the event less stressful and more of a natural event we are used to. Our minds do not know if we are actually doing the event or just thinking about it so it becomes more and more familiar and less stressful.

Wouldn’t it be great to have less anxiety this school year and do better on tests than before?  

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